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Admitad Goods

Create your online show room, or make reviews, and earn on promoting Admitad Goods.

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A simple formula

Admitad + Wordpress — create your online show room in half an hour, spend another ten minutes setting it up, and start earning money.

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Importing goods from Admitad

Choose and import already processed goods from Admitad with the current settings and data.

Auto-updating goods

The plugin automatically updates the information about the goods in show rooms, using Admitad information.

Responsive design

The plugin works equally well both on desktop and portable devices.

Free of charge

Admitad Goods is free to download. Without fees, additional registration and without SMS.

Getting started

Configuration of the plugin is described in the reference section.

Everything is ready!

Install the plugin on your website or use one of the themes.

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Download the plugin

Promote goods

of known brands

Admitad Goods represents goods from the known brands in the Admitad network. Quality products and well-known brands will make promotion and earning income easy.

For efficient start, we have collected the companies shown below. The list will gradually expand, but even now you can promote goods, from gadgets to clothing and children's goods.

Why Admitad?

Connect the plugin to your Admitad account
Add goods
Create your own categories
... and filters

Create showcases

Choose goods from the above companies, create and promote your showcases on their basis.


Make reviews

Test the goods and tell about them in detail, adding blocks with goods into your reviews.

Admitad Goods

Earn on your projects

Monetize your blogs and content projects, make reviews of the goods and create showcases.

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